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Why Calathology Are Here
About Calathology
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Why we are here!

In nature plants have a symbiotic relationship with wildlife, this involves the exchange of goods or services between the two.  Plants also have a connection with humans the word for this connection is biophilia. One of the reasons we started working with plants was to educate people about their impact on nature and how they can positively impact their surroundings. We love plants and want everybody to feel the same way.

Quick fact, did you know that over 70,000 plant species are used in medicine?. Plants are truly amazing and we want to show you why.

How it all started

Calathology was founded by me, Lee Vernon, as a way to support my, already loyal, customers in a broader range of planting design and installation services.  I’ve ran my own horticulture business for over 15 years.  Initially I trained in hard landscaping, where I enjoyed working with clients to transform their outside space using a variety of products from stone to porcelain and timber to concrete.  The projects where I’m commissioned to use reclaimed products remain my favourite as I get to use my creativity and my engineering skills to bring something back to life. I should write a book on how to build a shed using pallets or outdoor shelving units made from reclaimed scaffolding boards!

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Evolving for the future

Hard landscaping does not a garden make though, and so, over the years I have honed my soft landscaping skills too.  I’ve drawn from my in depth knowledge of plants to create a vast variety of gardens from Mediterranean inspired to cottage gardens.  The resent trend in rewilding is a movement I fully support due to the positive impact on biodiversity, plus the reduced weeding and grass cutting!

My love of nature and my desire to make a positive environmental impact has led me to expanding my skills to living walls and supplying house plants.  I’m keen to help my customers transform as much of their built environment by introducing living elements wherever possible, and Calathology was born.

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Why choose us

Biophillic Design Experts
Biophilic Design Experts

Biophilic Design Experts

We embrace nature and are experts at the use of planting and natural products to enhance your living space. This isn’t about plonking a plant in every room, it’s about creating an environment which seamlessly transitions between nature and it’s built surroundings. Our aim is to create planting schemes which are beautiful pieces of art in their own right, whilst utilising all the proven wellbeing and uplifting benefits of nature.

End to End Service
End to End Service

End to End Service

Trust us to take care of your planting plan from start to finish. Whether it’s a stunning interior wall, living centrepieces to transform your wedding setting, redesign of your small terrace to make the most of your space or choosing the right subscription for your loved one, we take care of every element. From initial design consultation, to sourcing bespoke or unusual plants and containers, to mixing the right potting mix (yes, this is a science in itself), to installation and aftercare, we do it all ourselves. 100% Calathology so you can trust that we deliver what we say. If we can’t deliver it then we simply won’t commit to it.

Fast Support
Fast Support

Fast Support

We would like to beautify the whole residential world with plants but, for now, we are focusing on offering a brilliant service to the North-West UK. We pride ourselves on quick and expert support with the personal touch.

Responsible Supplier
Preserved Moss Wall

Responsible supplier

We are all about embracing plants to improve our environment both psychologically and physically. Plants improve air quality and, through biodiversity, can help restore Earths equilibrium. It wouldn’t sit right with us to undo the hard work of plants by sourcing them in an unsustainable way. We limit plastic use and instead we opt for more sustainable ceramics or baskets. Where possible, we work with local artisan craftspeople who provide some of our very beautiful and truly unique pots. We regularly trawl fairs and markets to source one-off pots and containers for customers who we work with on a design brief, that way you get a stunning, individual design and we get to feel good about sourcing responsibly. Win-win.

Passionate About Plants
Passionate about Plants

Passionate about Plants

With over 15 years experience in the horticultural industry and a heritage of farming and growing, you could say that green fingers is in the blood. It is more than green fingers though, it’s about passion. Genuine, unapologetic passion. We are super excited to talk with our suppliers about new hybrid varieties or sourcing rare plants, We are as thrilled as our customer when they give us the go-ahead to install burgundy rubber plants with velvet calathea (our current favourite combo). We even get plant envy when we deliver a subscription to a client. We believe that our love of plants means that we care about giving our customers the best service possible.


Our ethos

It’s simple; educate society on the importance of plants, encourage and assist confident plant husbandry and ensure our wider actions support our positive impact on nature by using sustainable products, working sustainably with suppliers and thinking creatively to reduce waste or recycle.

Demonstrating our values:

We choose to work locally so that we can not only offer a direct and exceptional service to our customers but so that we limit our carbon footprint.

We limit plastic use when possible. We handpick ceramic or clay pots, often made by local potters, or baskets for our houseplants. If we need to use plastic, we choose suppliers who work with 100% recycled plastics. We are working with our plant suppliers on the introduction of fully biodegradable plant pots made from spent plant material.

We actively work with local children to discuss the brilliance of plants and the importance of looking after our environment. This includes volunteering for re-wilding projects, tree planting and litter picking.

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What Customer say to us

Featured Customer Review

Pj, Cheshire

"Calathology is a tremendously enthusiastic, knowledgeable and motivated plantsman. He is always willing to give advice and try out new and innovative ideas when it comes to the juxtaposition of plants in his living indoor green arrangements. These are suitable for a wide range of budgets and I was delighted to have mine delivered free, with detailed instruction as to it’s healthy maintenance. I hope his business continues to thrive, as he deserves ever more success in his venture"

Jeanette Elton

Lee has extensive knowledge on any…
Lee has extensive knowledge on any plants and lanscaping and the living walls look amazing. Very honest and easy going and he has helped me for over 6 years on anything horticultural.

Mrs Regan

Fabulous, friendly, knowledgeable
Recently purchased some beautiful house plants from lee, great guy very knowledgeable, plants in fabulous condition, highly recommended.

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