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We want to share our love of plants, so we have created a fabulous and bespoke houseplant subscription.

Save the hassle of understanding which plants are ‘trending’ or seeking out truly unusual plant varieties, plus no more trips to the garden centre with compost tipping into the boot or your car. Instead, each month receive a beautiful, quality houseplant in a specifically fitted, hand-chosen, stylish ceramic pot or basket, hand-delivered to your home. With three options to choose from, simply click on the one that suits you best, then sit back and await your plant beauty. And don’t worry if you are a plant novice, each subscription comes with a care-card giving you simple and informative tips to get the most from your new plant baby.

Since our plant subscriptions also make a perfect gift for a loved one, we will give you 10% off an order of two subscriptions or more.

Our plant subscription service

Each month, you will receive a beautiful, high-quality plant

You can opt to receive your plant in a perfectly fitting, stylish ceramic pot or basket

Each specimen is selected by our biophilic design expert, giving you access to unusual varieties or “top trending” plants

Your plant addition will be hand-delivered to your door with no additional delivery charges

Your delivery will include a specific care-card with simple instructions to keep your plant in tip-top condition

Available Packages

Regular Plant Subscription


Plant & Pot
Plant only

Our popular Regular subscription brings you an unusual or stylish plant in a perfectly fitting and beautifully designed ceramic pot or basket. Each plant is up to 20 cm’s in height making them perfect for the countertop, a hearth or a bookshelf.

Large Plant Subscription


Plant & Pot
Plant only

Our impressive Large subscription brings you an expertly curated plant in a unique, stylish ceramic pot or basket. Each plant is between 20 and 50 cm’s in height making them perfect for the hearth, a low table or floor-standing.

Added Wellbeing Plant Subscription

Added Wellbeing

Plant & Pot
Plant only

We truly believe in the well-being effect of plants. Our Added Wellbeing subscription combines our ‘Regular Subscription Package’ with a beautiful, uplifting gift. The bespoke gifts are sourced locally and can range from stunning candles to mindfulness books, or relaxation oils to uplifting organic chocolate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with my subscription?

Some of that depends on which package you opt for however with all of our packages you will receive a very well-loved, beautiful plant, with or without a stylish pot, delivered to your door each month, plus a care-card to help you look after your new arrival.

Is the delivery free?

Yes, delivery is included in your subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Absolutely, at Calathology we don’t believe in tying customers in to any obligation.  We know you will love your plant subscription however, if the times comes when you want to cancel, just contact us.

What if the plant is damaged when it arrives?

We do understand that sometime accidents happen but we’re more than happy to replace for free any plants damaged during the delivery.

When will I receive my subscription?

You can expect your first delivery within one week of ordering and then monthly thereafter.  If you are looking for it to arrive on a specific day, such as a birthday, simply let us know and we will do all we can to accommodate.  That’s the beauty of you buying from a small business, offering a bespoke service.

Do you deliver nationwide?

Not yet.  We want to offer a hand-delivered service and to get to know our customers.  At the moment, we deliver within a 30 mile radius of our nursery in Cheshire.

Can I buy this as a gift for someone else?

Of course, you’re more than welcome to purchase more than one subscription. Whether it’s for a loved one or a friend, our subscriptions are roughly the same price as a bunch of flowers; however, with the right love and care, our plants will grow and thrive. Plus, remember, you will receive a 10% discount if you purchase two (2) or more subscriptions. 

Are the subscription plants pet friendly?

Our Calathology team love pets as much as they love plants. We can’t guarantee that all of our subscription plants are pet-friendly, however, on order, let us know you require pet-friendly plants, and we will pick a variety from our pet-friendly range.

Can I choose specific plants to be included in my subscription?

Each plant is hand-selected by our biophillic design team.  They work with our responsible suppliers to bring you unusual, stylish, unique or rare plants and containers. The subscription is designed to be a surprise, so we are unable to tailor it to specific plant requests. We do, however, offer a plant sales service where you can specify the plant you would like and have it delivered to your door